CLIENT INDUSTRY: Structural Steel Detailing
BUSINESS COACH: Francois Lubbe
REGION: Randburg – Gauteng
BUSINESS AGE: 14 years
In a very challenging industry with high expectations of service delivery, we aimed to be the best. Unfortunately we could never achieve it. Having silent partners who were just in it for the money and not thinking about the growth of the company, its vision and mission, receiving a monthly income from the company. My staff was willing to give it their all, but did not have the correct tools physically and emotionally to do so.
Company was running at a lost
I was feeling unappreciated and undervalued
Being afraid of asking questions and potentially losing my clients
Chasing the bottom live
Had to cut my silent partners pay outs to what it was supposed to be and restructuring the deal in place.
“Initially the focus was to clean the path by reducing obstacles and interferences that were blocking the path to success. Business and personal goals were aligned and personal and business strategies were identified and implemented that put the business on a profitable level. Personal strategies to empower Johann as a business owner to lead the team to new heights were embraced and executed. Johann’s own words describe it best: I took total control of myself…” I took total control of myself, my company and my employees, I started to believe in myself and in my company, educating my staff, getting our company values in place as well as our mission and vision. The energy I reflected rubbed off on my staff and with them just as motivated as me, we as a team and I as their leader showed our clients that we are the best and we deliver the best service with the best results.
“A clear business vision, mission and culture combined with setting of higher standards for all team members set a (new platform) that was a stepping stone for future growth. Johann’s leadership caused rejuvenated energy and excitement in his team that ensured a higher level of team contribution to a new level of desired results on a business and individual level.” The company showed the best profit in years – 400% profit Year-on-Year. In Johann’s own words: I had the ability to take what was due to me…
Company showed the best profit in years
Had the ability to take what was due to me , I felt like a business owner for the first time in my life
Building relationships with our client and gaining the trust back of long lost clients
Making Employees feel valued
Focusing on client and employee satisfaction

Gained confidence to ask questions and being the friendly open face of the company.
I was at first very sceptical about coaching. When Francois told me that he guaranteed me that I will make my first month of coaching fees back within the first 6 weeks, I thought okay let’s give it a try but I don’t know. And that exactly happen within my alignment session already with the option I was given to go and make changes he made me save more than my yearly amount that I had to pay him to be my coach. No amount of money can be placed on the value and change that coaching did for me as a person and for my company. I am currently seeing Francois once every second week and will continue with it.
KRU Detailing is doing better and better every day, I was one of the 3 finalists at the BEFA as young entrepreneur of 2016, I have never had so much confidence in my business and in my team. KRU also had its biggest months and biggest contract in 2016, that it had ever had since the company was started in 2002. I also got 2 awards from Francois at the end of 2016 for Client of the year and profit growth year on year.
Coaching was and is still a live changing experience for me as a person, husband and business owner. The growth in me, my business and my team speaks for it self’s in the results for the past year. I will recommend coaching to any person that has a business and want to make a difference by changing for the better. Last but not least I have the Best Coach of the all – Francois Lubbe
1) What made you consider coaching?
After attending the BEFA (Business Excellence and Awards0 conference) in 2015 – I was motivated and determent to change myself and the Business. I had to make a decision if I am going to put every last bit in and turn the Business around or am I going to close the doors of my company. The answer was not clear but I was not able to lose everything I worked for so long and also to leave my staff unemployed.
2) What was it like before you had a coach?
Lonely, unmotivated, no direction and strategies to help the business on path of success.
3) What is it like now that you have a coach?
Confident about my future and new exciting possibilities for business and personal growth.
4) Where did the coach make the most impact?
Personal growth and see things differently that allows new personal and business possibilities.
5) Why would you recommend coaching?
It changes your life and business forever.
Client contact for reference purposes:
Company: KRU Detailing CC- Johann Strauss 083 658 4844
Certified Business & Executive Coach
Coach: Francois Lubbe – ActionCOACH Franchisee
Cell: 082 441 4988