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The Business Excellence Forum & Awards

South Africa to host the 2015 Business Excellence Forum and Awards


South Africa will be hosting its very first Business Excellence Forum and Awards event at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg on 5 and 6 November 2015.

The Business Excellence Forum was founded in 2011 in the US and is a global series of two-day workshops hosted in seven cities across the globe that is designed to teach world-class, best practice business strategies to business owners and entrepreneurs operating in the small and medium sized business sector, thereby better equipping them to succeed.
The forum culminates in an awards ceremony – The Business Excellence Awards – that recognises the ‘best of the best’ in the SME sector, including the achievements and accomplishments of owners in industries and categories from around the world. These awards are open to all profit and non-profit organisations worldwide, with operations in the country where the event is being hosted – in this case, with operations in South Africa.
The event boasts high profile keynote speakers on topics ranging from increasing sales, cash flow and profitability to leadership, team building, systems development and the design of predictive business models that guarantee success.
Some of the keynote speakers secured to date for the South Africa event include: Tracey Foulkes from Get Organised who will be presenting ‘productivity lies’ empowering delegates to structure their time in a productive and effective way; Andy Reid CEO of Vespa South Africa who will teach delegates to maximize dormant talent; Tim Goodenough from Coaching Unity who will be taking high performance lessons from the sports field and transferring this to the workplace; Donna Rachelson author and founder of Branding and Marketing YOU will guide delegates through the steps of successfully marketing a business and Max Moyo of Ignite my Potential who will facilitate an Investment Workshop that connects money and identity via ‘the village wealth model’.
The forum and the awards are not mutually exclusive and delegates can register for either or both of these events.
Early bird tickets are available until 31 August 2015 at R6 500 per person, thereafter tickets will be R8 000 per person, with a social package available at R2 000 per person.
To find out more about the Business Excellence Forum and Awards and how to purchase tickets or enter the awards, contact befasa@actioncoach.com.