Harnessing Dormant Talent within Your Business

Andy Reid - Dormant Talent‘Look after your employees and they’ll look after your business.’ This is according to Andy Reid, 53, founder and owner of Vespa SA, who’ll be among the speakers at the upcoming SA Business Excellence Forum.
In Reid’s view, it’s up to employers to consistently show their commitment to employees and to support them on an ongoing basis. Without this, says Reid, business owners run the risk of disempowered and disengaged employees.
Reid is also a firm believer in harnessing “dormant” talent within an organisation.
“Dormant talent is someone who is young, willing and able,” he explains. “Young, in this sense, refers to a person’s mindset – they must be able to absorb new information, techniques and have the ability to adapt to change easily.”
Reid notes that dormant talent can be identified by recognising clear characteristics and attributes. These are:

  • Consistency
  • Willingness to make sacrifices, to put in the time and go the extra mile
  • Must never be a victim
  • Must have the natural ability to do it now and do it properly

“Ultimately, employees (new and established) need constant support and guidance,” he adds. “Be a coach – single out employees and motivate, encourage and mentor each of them as individuals.”
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