The Why and How of Promotions

In the 21st century, companies have discovered the secret that true business success comes from understanding the needs and desires of a specific target market.
It takes both good identification of what people need AND promoting their product, service and business in order to have a successful connection between a customer and a product.
Promotional activities are designed to bring in leads and involve activities such as publicity, advertising, sponsorship, direct mail, in-store signage, window displays and network functions, to name a few. There is immense value in getting it right.
The greatest business people and marketers understand the concept of testing and measuring all their promotional activities. When testing and measuring, every step brings improvement and helps achieve a more successful outcome. If businesses approach their marketing expecting everything to work the first time, they’ll be disappointed when they discover it doesn’t.
It is also important that when exploring how to best use promotions for their product that business owners don’t give up before they should. Marketing and promotions have certain rules, but it’s still largely a matter of trial and error, and the most effective tool for growing in this area is measurement and assessment.
One of the most powerful results promotional campaigns bring to any business is the relationship that develops between the business and its target market. A good relationship means customers trust what a company says.
The key to successful promotion is consistency. It’s wise to develop promotion strategies that promote a business in a consistent, deliberate manner, and on a regular basis. It’s a planned activity – not something that just happens.