Adopting habits to make you more innovative

It’s tough out there. There are new ventures popping up on a daily basis, fighting for a piece of the same pie as their competitors. If you’re hoping to get ahead of the pack and challenge your innovative mind, you should try adopt these habits.
Start with a question. Why? Why did you start? Why do you get up in the morning? If you cannot answer these questions, your heart might not be in it. Keep the purpose of your business in mind at all times and ensure that you are constantly working to achieve this ‘why’.
Stay plugged in. Keeping your finger on the pulse of what is going on around you is essential. Research your market, understand what they want, and tweak your idea from there. Just because your first – or even tenth – idea didn’t work out, doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel.
Find a sense of purpose. Great innovators have the habit of being powered by their passion and using it as a sense of purpose. Their purpose is to make an impact. Never ask permission to change the status quo. Push boundaries. Take risks. Challenge yourself, daily.
Banish nay-sayers. Someone who never takes no for an answer is more likely to become a great innovator. The reason? They will always find a way to make it work, in order to prove people wrong. There are a few theories that say you shouldn’t do something in order to prove someone wrong, we believe that this is a great reason. Delete ‘no’ from your vocabulary and replace it with ‘how’.
Make innovation part of your routine. Make a habit of learning and innovating, daily. Try new things on a daily basis, even something as small as doodling. You’ll be surprised how this kind of change can push you to explore your capabilities.
Always welcome failure. Elon Musk famously said, “If you’re not failing, then you’re not innovating enough”. That’s because while failure does not guarantee success in the future, it’s a common precursor. The aim should always be to use your failures to find the formula for triumph.