Business coaching will help keep you focused

“I am far more focused since coaching with Andy”. This is what many of my clients say when asked what it is like working with an ActionCOACH Business Coach.
How can business coaching help you in reaching your goals? 

A good place to start is at GrowthClub – ActionCOACH’s quarterly 90-day Planning program. It’s a power-packed day spent with like-minded business owners as you take time out from your regular schedule to spend time working ON your businesses instead of IN it. During this workshop, I help you set no more than four goals that you would like to achieve in your business over the next quarter of the year. You may ask, “why no more than four goals?” and the reason being; that it’s better to focus on fewer goals as there’s more chance of meeting them. Nobody feels strong or motivated when they have ‘failed’ at achieving what they set out to do.

The next step after goal-setting is to identify the actions you need to take in order to reach each of your goals, followed by scheduling these actions into the next thirteen weeks ahead in your business.

When you leave the workshop with your weekly Action Plan, you will have mapped out exactly what actions you need to focus on each week in order to reach your chosen goals.  It’s important to put your Action Plan in a place that is highly visible so that will be a constant reminder of your goals set and the actions you need to take during the next 90 days.

During the following thirteen weeks’ coaching sessions, we refer to your 90-day plan and check what needs to be focused on in the period. We discuss progress made to date, what is currently happening in your business and adjust your plan where necessary. You then commit to three or four key actions that need to be taken by the next coaching session. These are written on a FOCUS SHEET to then take away with you and implement between each coaching session.

The day before the next coaching session you would email me your updated FOCUS SHEET,

indicating the actions you took on the agreed tasks, their current status and with commentary where necessary. You would also share your greatest wins and your greatest challenges since the last coaching session, as well something you have learnt, what your current greatest focus is in your business and how I—as your coach— can help you in the next coaching session.

Knowing that as your Business Coach, I will hold you accountable for what you commit to, helps you keep your focus and reach your goals.

In conclusion; the 90-day planning set out by you at GrowthCLUB, the following coaching sessions and your Focus Sheets will help you prioritise and commit to key goals and activities in your business in order to achieve them. As a business coach, I will help you remain focused and not get distracted by any operational ‘fires’ that arise when working IN your business.

As a business owner, you should be focusing a large part of your time and energy working ON your business and not only IN your business in order for it to really grow.  Business Coaching will make this a reality to you.

Andy Hofmeyr, ActionCOACH Business Coach
andyhofmeyr.actioncoach.com  |  andyhofmeyr@actioncoach.com