Business Coaching – The Superhero

In my office, hanging on the wall just above my desk is a framed picture of an Iron Man caricature and for those less informed, Iron Man is a Marvel Comic Superhero. Now, why or how would this have any relevance to a blog post about business coaching? Well buckle up and let me take you on a journey…

The moment an individual makes the decision to step into the world of business on their own, the moment that the courage and confidence proceeds the fear and trepidation of the unknown is the moment they discover that they have a superpower that has just been awakened in them. As with learning anything new, very rarely does one excel from the moment of discovery and often the journey of learning takes some time to master. Very much like the journey of a superhero in your favourite movie.

Enter the coach. A coach, mentor or guide will often appear and accompany the superhero on a part of their journey towards finding the strength and deliverance required to allow the hero to fully realize and understand their true potential.

In my eyes, I see each and every business owner as a superhero. I see the potential and often hidden superpowers that each and every business owner that I work with has. My name is Clyde Langley and I am a Business Coach with the global business coaching firm ActionCOACH. I own the Pietermaritzburg / Midlands franchise of ActionCOACH and I proudly work with business owners just like you on a daily basis, helping you uncover your full potential as a business owner, leader, contributor and ultimately being the best superhero you can be.

Business is a tough landscape, especially in this new world. Having a business coach who is passionate about your business—just as much as you are—is no longer a luxury that very few could afford, it has now become a necessity that every business has a great coach. Every successful professional sports team is made up of a leader, players, support staff and a coach. Like sport the outcome in business is similar, it’s to work as a team towards a goal whereby the coach helps keep the team aligned, focused and accountable to achieving the end result.

ActionCOACH is truly a unique, special brand that offers a world-class business coaching experience to each and every business that is coached globally. As a proud ActionCOACH Business coach I live and breath what we stand for and making real results happen for real people.

Clyde Langley, ActionCOACH Business Coach
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