Ready, FIRE, Aim!

It’s July already and half the year has already passed!

To make it even worse, we’re already into the second month, of the second quarter, of our 2021 financial year.  If your year has been anything like ours, it’s gone by with a flash.  In fact, since March, when the whole Corona Virus pandemic unfolded, a lot has just been a blur.

That being said we have just 6 months left of 2020, and just over two- and a-bit financial quarters left of the financial year.  Now is not the time to lick our wounds and ever so slowly get back to the ‘new normal’ everyone keeps mentioning.  Now truly is the time for ACTION!

We’ve interacted with, coached, presented to and discussed business with literally thousands of entrepreneurs in the past 3 months.  Many are stuck in the “Ready, aim, ready, ready, aim, ready…” mode.

Understandably the uncertainty has caused a sense of paralysis and we find entrepreneurs desperately searching for answers that just don’t exist.  To ensure we still make something of this year and get beyond basic survival, we ALL need to get into the rhythm again of “Ready, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, aim, adjust, FIRE!”

There is no rule book for what the world has gone through.  Everyone is making it up as they go along but there are a few things we know are not negotiable!

  1. Businesses need to survive.
  2. Businesses need to operate in their ‘new normal’ as quickly as possible.
  3. Businesses need to thrive.
  4. Business owners need to lead from the front and drive resilience, performance and results now more than ever.

At ActionCOACH business coaching we’re more committed than ever of delivering on our global vision as well as our Southern African one.  As a global team operating in over 75 countries, we’re all committed to the ultimate vision of “World Abundance through Business Re-Education”.  World Abundance!

In Southern Africa we’re urgently working towards ensuring:

Thriving Businesses,
Impacting Economies,
Transforming Communities.

It’s our broader communities that have been hardest hit and we the business leaders, yes you reading this, need to step-up and find a way through, over, around, across or whatever it takes to get through this.  Life is not possible, if not for business.  We know it’s not always easy but we also know it can, and is, pretty simple.  Working with an ActionCOACH business coach ensures you’ve got the right level of support and challenge, outside perspective, a sounding board and unreasonable friend, global expertise balanced with local relevance and most importantly, congruent entrepreneurs who practice what they preach.  We too run businesses and we apply the very same tools, systems and processes that we coach our clients to.

We cannot even imagine what it must be like to be out there, flying solo, in these trying times.  No matter who you are, you cannot do this alone.  Business is a full-contact sport where the rules are changing every day.  It’s one where we have a lot of passion and energy but very little training and support.  It’s lonely and frustrating but can also be so rewarding and fulfilling when we get it right.  Reach out and make sure you’ve got the right people supporting you to realise your dreams.  Your business is after all your only vehicle to ensure you do just that.

Some additional areas of support for you:

Please help us realise our Vision and share this with every entrepreneur and business owner you know.  The more we all get through this, the better for us all.

Make it happen.  Take ACTION!  Ready, FIRE, aim!

Harry Welby-Cooke, Country Partner ActionCOACH Southern Africa