Don’t let personal problems prevent you from investing time in your business.

In South Africa, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many businesses coming to a total standstill, yet, I launched mine right at the beginning of it. That was certainly not the plan, but two days after coming back from international business coaching training in Las Vegas – South Africa went into Level 5 lockdown, we couldn’t leave our homes, the whole world was in panic mode and I was in the throes of a divorce! I had a new business to start, a son to take care of and a home to pay for – now was not the time to panic, give in to despair or feel sorry for myself. I had to dive into marketing strategies, generate some prospects, and convert some sales. In short, I had to become my own first client! 

Here are a few things I learned along the way. We as humans can survive and even thrive in times when the world around us in total chaos if we choose to… even when and if we have upheaval in our personal life. While personal distress is far more draining, far more emotional, and more difficult to work through than society stress, we dare not become so despondent that we lose interest in our business or even life. We have to find the strength and resources now to also concentrate, to keep on interacting with our clients and suppliers – difficult though that may be. We have to make the TIME for our business and keep it going else the results are devastating for our lives.   

With the help of a professional therapist, I regained control over my mental state. With the help of my business coach I am growing my business so it can fund life and I am following these steps: 

  1. Remember the vision
  • Why did I start this business? 
  • What does it feel like to be back on top? 
  • Where’s my Dream Chart? 
  • What are my strengths and capabilities? 
  1. Put things into perspective
  • What is the truth about my situation? 
  • I can’t control the past or how others behave, so what do I stop doing? 
  • Emotional pain, grief, or anger has to be dealt with, who/what can help? 
  • Many people right now would give everything to be where I am and have my problems – how will I remind myself daily I remain so lucky to have a business when so many don’t? 
  1. Update or alter the plan if you have to
  • What will the next 90 days need me to execute on?  
  • What tasks can others do for me? 
  • What are my priorities IN and ON the business right now? 
  • Marketing should be a priority now more than ever – what is my plan for leads and what new opportunities ARE out there? 
  • Getting in touch with my clients and suppliers matters – where will I start?  


It is time to get some money in the bank and not let personal issues or problems take that away from us. If your business is struggling to make money in these tough circumstances, contact your local business coach today! 


Antoinette Venter, ActionCOACH Business Coach 


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash