5 Tips to Become A More Productive Person 

Many of us are familiar with the Latin saying “Carpe diem”, which directly translates to “seize the day” and the implication behind this ancient text is to enjoy each day of our lives to the fullest, because our time on this Earth is limited. Most people think that all their problems could be solved if they could just have a little more time, but here’s the harsh reality – we cannot manage time, because it is finite. On average most people have 4000 weeks in their lives and there’s not much we can do to increase this time significantly.  

However, the good news is that we can increase the productivity of ourselves and our teams, so that we can get more things done within the amount of time we have been given, leaving more time for us to do the things we want to do!  

What can you do to increase productivity?
There are several methods you can follow to increase your productivity, but here are a few proven strategies that have helped people up their game: 

  1. Systematize  processes and systems
    Instead of first having to think about what and how, we can simply refer to the documented process which has already been tried and tested and just “follow the system”. For example: compiling a default diary at the beginning of each work week. A business coach can help you understand more about this if you need.
  2. Automate
    Today there are many automated systems and applications that are just a click away and will have a noticeable impact on your everyday routine. For example: A logbook for business travel.
  3. Plan
    If we set aside time to plan what we need to do for the next 90 days,our compasses are set and we will save time by not having to continuously wonder about what we should be doing and rather just get down to doing it.
  4. Prioritise
    Unfortunately we aren’t able to do everything and we need to decide what is important and and what is otherwise urgent in our lives. What is leftover is what we shouldn’t be focusing on. We need to understand that if we ‘yes’ to one thing,we may have to say ‘no’ to another in order to freeup our time and energy.
  5. Cultivate good habits
    For anything to become ingrained in our memory it takes seven to eleven times of successful repetition, and if it isn’t something you do daily, it takes about three to four weeks. For example: get into the routine of packing your fitness clothes out the night before, so that in the morning your outfit is prepared and all you need to do is get dressed and go exercise.

Once in a
blue moon we are bound to hear someone criticize someone else, using the “we all only have 24-hours to work with” argument. While true, those 24-hours do not look the same to all of us. Some of us spend 12 of those hours working—plus an additional two hours commuting—while others work from home. Some of us can count on the help of others, and some of us are on our own, raising children, working and running a household. Regardless of the circumstances, we are in control of your own time and the activities which we choose to prioritise. It is important to value our time, but let’s not forget we also need to value other people’s time. 

Cheryl Muller, ActionCOACH Business Coach
cherylmuller.actioncoach.com | cherylmuller@actioncoach.com