Does your Business give you Freedom?

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Freedom, in general, can be said as the state of being free, or not being imprisoned or enslaved. It could as well be interpreted as the ability to act without restriction. Something is “free” if it can easily be altered and is not limited in its current state. Additionally, it can be simply put as the state of being allowed to do what you want to do. Narrowing down to business and enterprising, freedom translates to frictionless collaboration across an organisation, where the business owner and team can experiment within their roles and own their duties and responsibilities. A successful company offers individual freedom without losing its sense of direction.  

In the society of today, freedom is widely regarded as a fundamental human right. Even though strategists and organisational experts have studied many factors that influence success, they have paid insufficient attention to the effects and consequences of freedom. The concept of freedom is undeniably strong. Over time, it becomes clear that extraordinarily inspiring people fight against all odds to attain the extraordinary – often against seemingly impossible odds. The term freedom has played and continues to play, an important, strong, and symbolic role throughout the business world.   

Every business owner has a definition of what it means to be free in their own business. The number one goal as a business owner, however, must be to create a company that runs even when you are not present. Everyone who runs a business wants to get away once in a while.  

To be genuinely free in business, you must be able to run it from anywhere. Without a system in place, this aim of running your business anywhere can’t be reached. If you want to succeed, you’ll need a system somewhere along the way, whether it’s for staying in touch, identifying opportunities, managing priorities, or investing in a business coach. Each step towards business freedom will entail the use of some sort of system and learning about how systems can support your business freedom journey daily.  

The right kind of freedom, according to research into how freedom affects business performance, can indeed underpin competitive advantage across various measures of financial performance, innovation, and long-term success. This isn’t a vague concept. Companies must approach the quest for freedom through a specified structure – “freedom from” and “freedom to.”  

To achieve either of these; freedom from and freedom to, it is good to suggest that you start by determining what freedom means to you and thinking about where you have it now and where you need it. Focus on where it is missing once you have your definition of freedom and have congratulated yourself on where you already have it. Also, consider what keeps you glued to your desk, what you do when you’re up late, what’s going through the cracks within your squad, and how you’d like things to just flow more smoothly.  

On April 27, 1994, South Africa declared Freedom Day for the first time. When will you declare your freedom from your business? As a South African, check for mistakes in businesses and make amends. Those who insist on the usual old way of business, consider whether you want to just have a job in your own business or admit your mistakes and flaws to free yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Break the shackles and live out your dreams and goals! 

Christian Harbeck, ActionCOACH Business Coach