Beach bodies are built in winter

a man tying his shoelaces

Winter is here! By now you should have no doubt about it. The highland areas and central SA have had a few weeks of bitter cold and the Western Cape finally has received its first real cold and rainy weather. Add to that our dear ‘Uncle Cyril’ placed us under Level 4 Lockdown restrictions and the winter seems to be coming in from all sides. With that, you may feel a little ‘off’ so to speak and be longing for the clear skies and summer weather that now seem like a long-lost memory. So why the title: ‘Beach bodies are built in winter’ you may be asking? Well, many of us set idealistic goals about being bronzed and having 6-packs on the beach during our December holidays – or at least versions of the same toned and strong beach body. We almost fantasize about this perfect ‘movie-like’ scene but do we actually put in the necessary effort, soon enough, to ensure that result?  Even if we do attempt the right actions, we often wait too long and only get going in Spring or even later. The perfect ‘movie-like’ scene often disappoints, and we’re left with the same look and feel of the past.   Whilst this may be true for our desired summer beach body it’s no different for anything else. Whether that be our business, our relationships, our finances, our mindset, or anything else we’re not 100% happy with. If we want a better result, we need to put in the right amount of effort over a sustained period. Bronzed, 6-pack beach body in December starts in July. Similarly, a Spring and Summer business, and associated financial position, that looks significantly better than the one you’ve got now – also starts now in July.     To create that ideal business, and associated financial position, do these three things WELL and do them NOW:

  1. Firstly, decide what it is that you truly want to HAVE. Write it down and be specific. Look through the fog of the current winter and ‘see’ the ideal as you desire it to be. Don’t let the greyness of the winter cloud hide what you truly want. Dig deep and find that perfect future. Commit to what it is you want to HAVE.
  2. Secondly, transform who you are today into the person you need to BE to get there. You can’t get significantly different results being the same you, you’ve always been. You need to BEcome more. Become better. Become stronger, more resilient, more focused, more disciplined, and so on.
  3. Thirdly, work out a detailed plan of what you need to now DO. Not a boring business plan-like document that you’ll never read again. Think milestones, To-Do lists, appointments, goals, steps, checkpoints, and everything else to ensure you now stay on point and DO the right things, at the right time.

No one, other than maybe your mother, has anything better planned for your life than you do. Sad, but true. No one! Now whilst that may seem harsh it can also be inspiring. If you don’t get to work this winter, hustle, sweat, wake up early and get busy; you definitely won’t be able to enjoy the benefits this Summer. I’m having to do the same. My Summer business, and associated financial position, WILL be built this Winter. Yours?

Harry Welby-Cooke, Country Partner for ActionCOACH Southern Africa