The 4 Seasonal Economic Cycles

a farmer smiling and writing on a page on a clipboard

We are all familiar with the seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. If we think about it, applying seasonal cycles to business makes a lot of sense. Just like farming, each business has the same cycle: growth or recovery (spring), wealth (summer), dying off (Autumn), and scarcity (winter). In order to survive in business, you need to learn to anticipate and adapt to these seasonal changes in your business and economy. 

Autumn is when there is no more fruit on the trees, the leaves are turning brown and the farmer is moving into a recession. Activity on the farm starts to slow down, money starts to get tighter, and the supply and demand slow down. This is where people start to change their priorities. Autumn is the time to cut out the dead wood and make your business leaner and smarter. 

By Winter, the recession has you in its cold grip. The trees are dead, there is very little activity on the farm. Your cash flow is tight, and profits are down. Winter is the time to prepare for the coming spring, by changing and adapting. It’s a good time to take action and realign your business’ dreams and goals. 

In Spring, the activity on the farm starts to increase, the farmer is preparing the lands for growth. This is where the economy starts growing and expanding. You probably see more business and new customers. It is a good time to market and attract customers. It is one of the seasonal economic cycles that should be easiest to grow your business. Spring is a time to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

Summer as a seasonal economic cycle is a time of economic flush. There is a tremendous amount of activity on the farm, staff are picking, packing, and shipping. Business is booming and you are making a lot of money. There are good times, but you need to keep one thing in mind. The season will change and you need to plan for when that time comes. 

Planning for the seasonal economic cycles will help you remain sustainable throughout the various cycles. At ActionCOACH, we are dedicated to helping passionate entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of owning a successful business. If planning is one of your weak points, join us at our 90-day planning workshop (GrowthCLUB) where you will develop a strong business plan, with the help of a qualified business coach, for the upcoming quarter.
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Peter De Lange, ActionCOACH Business Coach
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