The 3 R’s To Building Resilience For The Year, 2022, To Come!

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The past year, 2021, has been an interesting ‘ride’… that is, depending on one’s perspective! For many, this year has been an uphill struggle to stay afloat with pressures on sales, cash flow, team morale and business in general. Some sectors that have been the most adversely affected by the global pandemic are hospitality, restaurants, retail, construction and smaller players in the manufacturing sector. On the other hand, many other sectors have seen great growth with the highest recorded levels of sales and profits ever! Examples include businesses such as online commerce, health & fitness, digital technology, etc. Regardless of where we find ourselves on the spectrum of business outcomes, we have all felt the brunt of the past two years. Global studies have reported an unprecedented rise in people suffering from mental health issues and psychosocial problems including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress (PTS), social isolation, sleep deprivation, etc. Business fatigue and burnout are common. With the end of the year only weeks away, how can we build mental resilience to prepare for 2022? Here are 3 easy ‘R’s’ to help with this process: Review Take some ‘time out’ from the craziness and mad rush that we always get caught up during this time of the year! Pick a spot, preferably away from your office or business to think and reflect on ‘the year that has been.’ Make a list of all challenges overcome, the breakthroughs enjoyed, the unexpected wins as well as disappointments, failures, and losses. Reflection always brings perspective and a sense of balance and peace especially as us humans are hard-wired towards negativity.  Reset After reflecting on the outcomes of 2021, time to hit the ‘reset’ button! With the knowledge and insight gained from 2021, revisit and redefine dreams and future goals, both personal and in business. Answer the following 3 questions: 

  1. What am I grateful for? 
  2. What is really important to me? 
  3. What can I control? 

Now, reset and write down your specific goals for 2022 with a detailed plan and action steps. Plot these against weeks and months with ways to measure the results and outcomes.  Recharge With some leave and holiday plans pending, allocate some time to proverbially ‘recharge your batteries’ – a complete break from office and work, technology and the never-ending ‘to-do’ lists! Some ideas are to take daily walks in nature, spend some leisure time with friends and family, bake a batch of x-mas cookies, rediscover a hobby, write your memoirs, take up a new sport, visit an old-age home, volunteer at an animal shelter… the possibilities are endless! The important point is to rest and take a complete break from one’s ‘normal routine’.  In summary, life is short enough! To review, reset and recharge between NOW and 2022, should bring a fresh perspective and sense of purpose to our lives and existence!  “Your life has Purpose, Your Story is important, Your Dreams count, Your Voice matters, You were born to make an Impact!”  Make 2022 count! God Bless!

Lindie Malan, ActionCOACH Business Coach
lindiemalan.actioncoach.com | lindiemalan@actioncoach.com

Image: ActionCOACH Lindie Malan presenting at her GrowthCLUB (90-day planning workshop).