The Importance of Following Through on Your Goals

people sitting at a table writing in a notebook

Many people go through life thinking that setting goals are either old-fashioned or a waste of time. Who achieves them in any case? Just the successful people, they say! Well, isn’t that exactly the motivation to set those goals? Consciously and sub-consciously we all set goals. Let me explain: The other day we bought our grandson an inflatable swimming pool, and as you would know it is something that a 4-year old wants set up as soon as possible. Because it was a rainy and windy day, I made the promise to set it up the next day. Did I set a goal or not? Or, did I just try and postpone the event? Either way, a goal was set, not as much in my mind as in the mind of my grandson, because I did not really take it seriously at the time.  The next morning early, the sun was shining bright and the rain had stopped. It was summer again. I was getting ready for my morning routine when my grandson stormed into the room highly excited. His words were: “ Oupa, dit is mos al môre?” (Grandpa, is it tomorrow already?) I, for a moment, did not grasp the meaning, because I have forgotten the goal that was set the previous day and therefore had to enquire again. He patiently repeated the question to which I then realised it is about my promise (goal) that I set the previous day. We are very prone to promise someone little things which will make a huge impact on their lives, and then conveniently forget about it. Maybe many of you do not have grandchildren, or children, but have people that report to you. The same principles apply. When you make a promise or set that goal, better you perform accordingly. That is the way trust and loyalty is built. Watch this short clip that explains ActionCOACH’s Formula to Success: https://bit.ly/3G8NOoZ I encourage you to not stop dreaming about being better at what you do, or how you behave. Start concentrating on the little things, set your bigger goals and work a plan to achieve them.  

Pieter Gruenbaum, ActionCOACH Business Coach
pietergruenbaum.actioncoach.com | pietergruenbaum@actioncoach.com 

Image: A client setting her goals at an ActionCOACH GrowthCLUB (90-day planning workshop).