What a difference a year can make!

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What a difference a year can make! One year ago, my family and I were just getting back to ‘normal’ after COVID-19. Then the riots in certain areas of South Africa occurred. This knocked our confidence and our security and I know that people in my community still experience some PTSD from this. In January 2022, we thought we had come out the other side, but as we’ve experienced – life is always a little unpredictable and is ever-changing!


A year ago, no one in KZN expected another blow with the widespread flooding and devastation.


A year ago, I would have never guessed that I would have the courage to finally cut poisonous people out of my life.


A year ago, I had written and illustrated 3 children’s books – and I was visiting schools in the area to encourage reading and confidence in young children.


A year ago, I would never have guessed that I would become part of the award-winning team at ActionCOACH Ignite. I am now even more fulfilled affecting change in people’s lives, building a better future for my family and using my talents and newly acquired skills to grow others.


So what may have changed in your life over the past year?


Perhaps, a year ago, you worked for a large corporation; now you work for yourself and pursue your passions every day.

Perhaps, a year ago, you were unhappy in your situation; now you are finding your meaning in life.

Perhaps, a year ago, you were very busy; now you are very productive.

Perhaps, a year ago, you didn’t understand why you needed monthly financials in your business; now you see the importance of knowing the important numbers in your business.

Perhaps, a year ago, you were wondering why you were struggling to find enough customers; now you measure and know the importance of Marketing and Sales.

Perhaps, a year ago, you had zero people reading your words; now you have thousands of readers with your blogs and newsletters.

Perhaps, a year ago, only a few people followed you on social media; now thousands of people follow and interact with you and see you as an expert in your field.

Perhaps, a year ago, you had no systems in place; now you and all your staff know what to do in every aspect of your business.

Perhaps, a year ago, you hadn’t put pen to paper; now you’ve published a bestselling book.

Perhaps, a year ago, you had spreadsheets full of goals and you would feel like a failure when you didn’t achieve those goals; now you set SMART goals and plan how to reach them.

Perhaps, a year ago, you were the business; now you are putting the right people in place to run the day to day, so you can have the freedom to choose.

Perhaps, a year ago, you were living life day to day; now you are forging forward with a plan.

Through all the steep learning curves this year, I have realised that big life changes don’t always happen overnight. We need to do what we do for the right reasons. We also need to allow ourselves some time to do it. This past year I have realised that I can be more than 1 thing. I am a mom, an author of many more children’s books and perhaps an actual ‘grown up’ book too, an artist, an entrepreneur, a business coach – and I’m not stopping there!


So, if you are currently not where you want to be – in business or in life – with the right actions and the right attitude; imagine where you could be in a year from now!


Karen Le Grange, ActionCOACH Business Coach
actioncoachignite.co.za | karenlegrange@actioncoach.com