Six Steps to Building a Business that Buys you Time and Freedom.

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6 steps to building a business that buys you time and freedom:


  1. Business Basics to World Class: In this step, you need to focus on understanding the fundamentals of business and how to develop them to achieve world-class results. This includes defining your vision, mission, and values, creating a business plan, setting goals, and measuring progress.


  1. Marketing Basics to Master: Once you have a solid foundation for your business, you need to focus on marketing. This step involves understanding your target audience, developing a marketing strategy, and implementing it effectively to attract and retain customers. You will also need to track your marketing efforts to ensure that they are generating a positive return on investment.


  1. System Design and Implementation: To buy more time and freedom, you need to systematise your business operations. This step involves creating efficient systems for everything from sales and marketing to production and delivery. You should document your processes, train your employees on how to follow them, and continually refine them to optimise efficiency.


  1. Team Dynamics and Company Culture: Building a successful business requires a strong team that works well together. This step involves creating a positive company culture, hiring the right people, and providing them with the training and resources they need to succeed. You should also establish effective communication channels and reward good performance to promote teamwork and collaboration.


  1. Synergy in Results to Effort and Proficiency: To maximise your time and freedom, you need to focus on achieving maximum results with minimum effort. This step involves analysing your business processes and identifying areas where you can streamline operations, automate tasks, and eliminate inefficiencies. You should also focus on improving your team’s proficiency and skills to ensure that they can deliver high-quality results with minimal supervision.


  1. Quality of Results: Finally, to build a business that buys you time and freedom, you need to prioritise quality. This means focusing on delivering exceptional products or services that exceed your customers’ expectations. You should continually seek feedback from your customers and use it to improve your offerings. By prioritising quality, you can build a loyal customer base that will help your business grow and thrive.


Brendon Saunders, ActionCOACH Business Coach
brendonsaunders.actioncoach.com | brendonsaunders@actioncoach.com