Why ActionCOACH?

7 Reasons Why Thousands of Business Owners Think You Should Be Working With an ActionCOACH Business Coach…

#1 reason You’re burning out, working too hard, and convinced that if you were to take a holiday, the whole business would fall apart in your absence. Simply put, you’re ready to start working a whole lot less. Business coaching and corporate mentorship can help get you there. ActionCOACH is the world’s number 1 business coaching franchise. Founded by Brad Sugars in 1993, ActionCOACH now operates from more than a thousand offices in 22 countries across the globe. We’ve turned the old model of business coaching on its head to create a far more powerful, affordable, and profitable way for you to achieve the kind of growth and efficiency you want for your business.
#2 reason You want to increase profits. No matter its size, if growing your business is not happening at a rate that can justify the effort, risk and investment you’ve made, it’s time to make a plan to change all that. With hundreds of tried and tested profit growing strategies for business, ActionCOACH has both the tools and experience necessary to improve your sales, marketing, systems and team-building strategies to accelerate your business goals.
#3 reason You want to build a team you can trust. A team that can keep your business running smoothly, whether you’re there or not. In every new business coaching session that we undertake, we emphasise the critical importance of recruiting, training and retaining the best available talent. From our team training seminars for business owners, to our proven recruitment and team-building techniques, ActionCOACH will help you build a team of passionate and motivated high-performers that will help to drive your business forward.
#4 reason You’ve begun to fall out of love with your business. It’s frustrating, its stressful, even boring at times. You need to find a way to rediscover your passion for nurturing and growing your business – the passion you had when you first decided that entrepreneurship was the right path for you. Business motivation is at the core of everything our business coaches do in their dealings with clients. By clarifying your vision through a simple business plan or marketing plan, you’ll experience a second-wind of enthusiasm, guided by your knowledge of what needs to be done and how best to go about doing it.

Whether you work from home, are just starting a business, or run a multi-million-rand organisation, a business coach is one of the fastest ways to better business and a better lifestyle.

#5 reason You understand the importance of learning. Keeping up with industry changes and modern business best-practices is tough, especially when your time is stretched to the maximum as it is. Business education has moved into a new realm, with business mentoring and coaching taking over from traditional books and seminars, so you get the right information at the right time. Think of it as an entrepreneurial degree using your own business as a case study.
#6 reason You’ve become complacent. Overconfidence and complacency are the enemies of progress, and too many business owners fall into this trap. You need a business coach or corporate mentor to push you forward, to hold you accountable and congratulate you on a job well done. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path – an ActionCOACH business coach will act as a sounding board, friend and mentor, helping you tackle business problems and turn them into promising growth opportunities. Seeking out and seizing these opportunities is just a fragment of what an ActionCOACH does, but it may well be what creates the most impact in your business strategies.
#7 reason You need a fresh pair of eyes. Years or decades in the same industry can blind an entrepreneur to many things, from competitor risks to business challenges and opportunities. You need someone who can offer a new perspective and help you see the wood for the trees – someone who is unafraid to ask tough questions and make sure you’re always on track. Join thousands of other business owners around the world who have benefited from what business coaching can offer. Get in touch to book an appointment with an ActionCOACH today.

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