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There are a huge number of reasons that more than 1,000 people have chosen to take charge of their lives, becoming an ActionCOACH franchisee. Coaching and mentoring fellow businesses and their owners is what you make of it, and it can truly mean something different to everyone.

However, we have compiled a list of the 17 most common reasons for making the decision to join the world’s largest business coaching franchise.

1. Why Join the World’s #1 Brand

By joining ActionCOACH, you are joining the people who started the business coaching and mentorship industry 25 years ago.

In that time, we have opened more than 1,000 offices all over the world; earned more awards; mentored more successful teams; created more success for franchises; impressed more clients; achieved more testimonials; earned more awards; gained more press articles; and have more experience than anyone else.

Ask yourself: What’s it worth to be #1?

2. 2nd Fastest Growing Industry

Now, you can be a part of the World’s “Second Fastest Growing Profession”.

3. Brad Sugars

Australian-born entrepreneur Brad Sugars is ActionCOACH’s founder and chairman. He’s also an author, speaker, educator, father, multiple business owner, philanthropist, and shockingly average golfer.

4. It’s Your Own Business

More than 2/3rds of millionaires are business owners. By becoming an ActionCOACH, you give yourself the opportunity to join that prestigious rank.

As a business owner, you ‘control your own life’ – going from employee to entrepreneur, and one client to many.

5. Your Hourly Rate

As a business coach, you deliver a professional service and should demand a professional fee! You can expect to earn a high hourly rate because a low overhead, no inventory, repeat clients, massive demand and very low competition all add to your ROI.

6. Start Earning on Day 1

Working in an established business coaching franchise means you go straight to marketing, sales and service from day one.

7. Control Your Own Hours

As a business coach, you’re offered unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to work weekdays from 9 to 5, or alternatively, any hours you choose. That’s thanks to local clients, local operations, a local team, and even the ability to work from home.

8. With Movers and Shakers

As a leading voice among fellow entrepreneurs, you become a leader in your community. After all, you’ll be working and socialising with the movers and shakers in your city.

9. Your New Team

Say hello to your new team of 1,000 high performing, business focused offices, in over 75 different countries.

And not just that, you’ll have access to ActionCOACH’s amazing culture.

10. Your Complete Training

ActionCOACH is a business coaching franchise with a reputation for excellence, so you can expect extensive up front training.

You get 10 days of training in person, plus 3 months on the job. You will also receive a number of training resources, including: monthly CDs and books, weekly videos, conference invitations, planning every 90 days, and a Kindle with all our books.

11. Your Own Coaching

You can expect a weekly coach to mentor you on your road to business growth and success. You will also gain access to a local coach captain – a very successful senior coach who will be your mentor to call on.

12. Your Business System

By joining ActionCOACH, you invest in a complete business-building system. What better way to learn about running your own business? Better yet, the system for getting and keeping clients, achieving results, and building your business has been proven thousands of times over.

13. Your Cash Flow

Rule #1 of Business: Make sure you have repeat business.

As an ActionCOACH, you’ll build a loyal client base who pay in advance, get value from what you do, and love the retainer structure.

The result is multiple income streams.

14. Your Own Growth

By learning from ActionCOACH and through helping other businesses, you will gain invaluable experience.

Your level of personal, professional and leadership growth will be incredible.

15. Your Leverage

As part of the world’s largest business coaching franchise, your costs are divided by a factor of at least 1,000 and your work is multiplied by just as much. What’s expected of you is to leverage your past business, life and people skills.

16. Your Own Growth

Everything you will do is about adding value, building people and helping companies grow. You’ll build an amazing community and truly give back, while being well-rewarded in the process.

17. Your Future

Business coaching opens doors. Consider the growth, contribution and rewards you’ll experience, and the people you’ll meet. You will be amazed by the opportunities that will present themselves to you.

This is the start of your future, your entrepreneurial future.

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