More from Karin & Marlize on their coaching and business journey:


Where it Began:

The business was started by Deon and Karin Visser in 2008 when our oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. We didn’t want to follow the medical route, because we believed that he required skills that medicine would not give him. 

Deon is a professor in Chemistry and started doing research on what is out there that is backed by Science that would help our son. The program we used made a big difference and coming from a family of business owners, we saw a big opportunity to bring this program to more families in SA. A lot of children get labeled so fast and all skills that the brain need to function well can be taught. 

Getting an ActionCOACH:

We met ActionCOACH Diederick at a social media event and we knew that ActionCOACH was for us. We embraced the principles of the ActionCOACH brand and we immediately realised what we lacked. If you want to be really coached by someone you need to be teachable, trainable, and changeable. We had no turning back with him. He helped us to believe that we can be bigger and better. Then Marie Louise came into the picture and she carried on working with our agency owners.

Business Milestones:

Three of our biggest milestones was having a SYSTEM that runs on AUTOPILOT, it was blood and tears to get there but it was so worth it ( timesaving). The second one was because of our SYSTEMS we could grow internationally and are currently expanding in Canada, Africa, and the USA. Thirdly winning the Female entrepreneur Award at BEFA ( i am not sure, it think it was in 2017).

Personal Moments:

ActionCOACH had a major impact not only in business but also personally. As I said, the core values are exactly what we live by and we teach our children that as well. We can afford to go on yearly overseas holidays (prior to covid) and just did our first one in June again. But we have the freedom to run a business and we are not bound by location.

Where to Next:

ActionCOACH is part of the Biolink brand, we teach all our new agencies these principles and they run their business on the systems we put in place. We want to build the brand even bigger in SA, but having an international business gives us the freedom to earn $$$ and we do not have to put in any other effort than just supporting and growing what we have. 

We have created a residual income through our marketing plan and the business will be our childrens when we are not around. 

Having ADHD ourselves, we will never stop expanding, growing, and learning more. There is so many opportunities out there and if you know how to properly start and run a business, we can do anything. We will see where our paths will lead is.

“We struggled with how to sell ourselves as a service only business and I want to tell anyone that also has a service based business that ActionCOACH can help you so much in growing your business.”

– Marlize & Karin –

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