More from Thabo on his journey as a client and as an ActionCOACH:

“As an ActionCOACH Business Coach I have the knowledge and expertise to help others,
which is my passion.”

– Thabo Pitse –

From Client to Coach Journey Timeline:

Where it began:

Since a child Thabo knew that he was destined for entrepreneurship. He loved watching movies with people travelling the world, closing business deals and leading other people along that journey.

After school he studied medicine but soon his childhood belief was reaffirmed when he realised it wasn’t what he wanted to do. He then went into music, recording CDs, booking events and getting his first real taste of self-employment. His love for business grew from there.

Getting an ActionCOACH:

Thabo always believed in mentorship, he had multiple people throughout his life fill this role in different ways until he met an ActionCOACH – Diederik van Niekerk.

Thabo hadn’t come across a business coach before and loved the information Diederik shared with him. Diederik took Thabo along to an ActionCOACH conference and he says “Immediately I thought to myself that I want to become part of this community, I signed the contract and said I’ll definitely coach with you”.

Three months into the coaching of one of his retail businesses, it grew its profits by 300%. He started building his team with ActionCOACH principles – the team grew, they became much more efficient and all their clients became their raving fans.

Becoming an ActionCOACH:

Thabo had been running a training, mentoring and ‘sort-of’ coaching business together with a University in his area. He felt that the teachings were too theory based and wanted the expertise in practical implementation as well. Thabo felt that theory can only get you so far in business so joining ActionCOACH – the worlds leading business coaching firm, was the obvious choice and next step for practical business knowledge. Their almost 30 years of tested and proven practical systems were the missing, important, link.

He bought his franchise and started as an ActionCOACH in the beginning of 2020. He now combines the theory and the practical implementation from ActionCOACH to provide a much more rounded approach with his clients.

Personal Moments:

Thabo says that since becoming an ActionCOACH “I have seen tremendous success personally, it has actually helped me to gain focus in my life. I’ve managed to have a good lifestyle, a family lifestyle. I started setting better goals and it has improved the quality of my life greatly. It has helped me to become a better father and a better husband. As a person, the personal growth from being an ActionCOACH and using the ActionCOACH principles has changed my life.”

“As an ActionCOACH Business Coach I have the knowledge and expertise to help others,
which is my passion.”

– Thabo Pitse –

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