Develop your 90-day Game Plan!

GrowthCLUB is our 90 Day planning session. It is a full-day workshop focused on business owners having a full day of uninterrupted thinking and planning guided by your coach.

Learn the proven strategies business owners have used in the last 90 days to increase profits, build winning teams and work fewer hours. Listen. Take notes. Then adapt & adopt to get them working for you.

By the end of your first GrowthCLUB, you will have a clear picture of where your business will be in 90 days’ time. As well as a step-by-step plan to get you there. 

What you need to know:

Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Cost: R4 995.00 per person
Venue: Various across South Africa (we’ll notify you of your nearest one)

Secure your spot below, space is limited!

Secure your spot below:

    Watch a sneak peek of the event:

    What you get:
    Pre-workbook to prepare before the workshop

    Detailed 90-Day planning workbook

    Networking opportunity with other local business owners
    Coaching session before and after the GrowthCLUB workshop
    Business Coach at your full disposal for questions and help

    Food and drinks included throughout the day

    Here’s what past attendees had to say:

    Company Culture

    Client Testimonial – Alastair Laing

    Dear Pieter and ActionCOACH Team,

    I just thought that I would drop you a quick email to say thanks so much for all the coaching, friendships and mentoring.

    Though-out the last 18 months my business has grown 100% in commission revenue and my client satisfaction score is higher than ever.

    I believe that these results were achieved through hard work and excellent systems and implementation of these systems. The ACTION COACH programs that I did full time last year and the part time business plan as well as the various growthclubs have all contributed to this success by showing and teaching me how to “Action” all that I have learnt from you guys.

    Thanks for making business fun and I can’t wait to see you all at the next event.

    Deo Gratia Insurance Brokers
    Andre Benjamin Swart

    “Pascal Pau at ActionCOACH has added more value to my business in three months than my three year MBA has.

    Pascal really cares and listens to me as the business owner and it is great to have someone to share the stressful journey with.

    As a business owner, it is great to have someone hold me accountable, but at the same time making business fun and exciting.

    Within three months, my business has already made a saving of over R500 000.00 with cost restructuring, thanks to the assistance of Pascal.

    I would therefor recommend Pascal Pau (ActionCOACH) to any business owner who would like to take his/her business to the next level, while making it exciting at the same time.

    Just always remember, one needs to be committed in anything in life to make it work 100%, the same applies to ActionCOACH.”

    Wesley Augustyn
    Founder and CEO Black Sheep Holdings

    Testimonial for Deborah Coskey Action Coach – Business Coach
    S&A Generators(PTY)Ltd have been working & collaborating with Deborah from Action Coach for just over a year now.

    In that time, we have observed that it is rare to meet someone who listens, guides, encourages, motivates, supports and helps you see the bigger picture so that you can reach your goals.

    Deborah & Action Coach genuinely want to see you & your company succeed!

    Since joining Action Coach with Deborah, we have expanded our networking with small businesses in the same boat but at different stages of their journey, which has helped motivate us to learn & adapt.

    Deborah has helped pick us up after setbacks & celebrated our wins with us. She doesn’t just provide business coaching, but therapy sessions wrapped up all in one

    She has a unique skill of engaging in regular conversation asking the right questions which leads you and your team to those “AHA” moments that facilitate learning & development.

    We don’t have a formal business background and Deborah has helped us by giving guidance with the behind the scenes technical tools to help us monitor & track our finances, cash flow and put in place correct costings. She has steered us in the right direction with HR issues, sales & marketing and putting systems in place to help run the business. She takes a holistic approach and knows us and our business. She isn’t afraid to push you and gives honest feedback & opinions.

    She has helped us focus & prioritise working on the business not just in the business to ensure we have a stable foundation to grow.

    The proof is in how our businesses performance has improved & all the positive millstones we have reached in the last year under Deborah’s coaching! We have had 40% growth in turnover, positive cash flow, achieved finance to purchase a new vehicle as well as our crane truck. Our Staff are working more efficiently with new uniforms, tools & PPE. We have a marketing strategy in place, branding our vehicles & a website in progress. Over all our Staff are more positive & excited about our business and its potential.

    We happily & highly recommend Deborah as a Business coach if you are looking for an extremely competent person & Action Coach Team to challenge & hold you & your team accountable to support & grow your business.

    Many Thanks & Best Regards,
    Louise Angel, Roger Smith
    Director, Director
    S&A Generators

    Ayoba is a fairly young company established at the beginning of 2010 and has grown exponentially to date.

    We found that we had outgrown our systems as well as the ability to properly manage such. It was then that we approached Neil Porter. Through ActionCOACH he has strategically placed this company on the right track.

    We re-structured the company and changed the focus of Management from working in the company to working on the company. We have a better focus on where we are going and the state of our cash flow. We have also implemented measurement and control systems which indicate our market share and effectiveness.

    It has been our experience that Neil Porter put our company on the right track to maintain, manage and grow our markets and continue to succeed in our unique business environment.

    Zelda Taylor

    By implementing the simple techniques that Pascal conveyed during the training I was able to create for more productive time during my average day. With a small amount of team buy in we were able to create a far more productive work environment with fewer disruptions.

    Tom Capitao Manager
    Digital Division 4 Tech IT Solutions

    Our business was going through a tough time; we had investors that we were wanting to pay off, turnover was low barely covering expenses, we had no systems or procedures in place, problems finding the right staff, half of our staff members didn’t have KPI’s and job descriptions. We felt that because neither of us had any tertiary education we were on the back foot all the time, not knowing if we were doing the right things or making the right decisions with regards to the business.

    One day a friend of ours mentioned that the best thing he did for his business was to join Action Coach. We attended a free seminar, walking away from it we both felt very inspired and motivated to get started working on making our business work for us. The cost to be a monthly member is almost another salary, so this did take some consideration, however, we can both say it is the best salary we have ever paid for what we get in return.

    We have paid our investors off in less than a year, we have systems in place, budgets to follow, staff who know their KPI’s. We even went on an overseas trip and left the business in the hands of our competent staff without having to worry about a thing.

    Our coach, Deborah Coskey, is a great fit for us, we have had many laughs along this journey. So much work to do but the rewards are what you achieve. It has made such a difference to just have someone, a coach, to bounce ideas off, talk through issues, confirm your instincts and have as a mentor.

    Joining Action Coach is the best business decision we have ever made, not only has our business grown but so have we as individuals.

    Here is only one thing to say about our coach.
    Thank you Deborah, you are awesome!

    Coach Bert Weenink has help us dream big and achieve the big goals that we set. We have a new Deport for Richter Sand because of our coaching sessions with him. Our systems are in place, we have staff weekly meeting which really helps break the communication barrier. Our parents can be proud of us for taking over their business with such success

    Joelize Greeff and NJ Richter

    Jeff has vast knowledge and hands-on experience in sales and business development, which makes him the ideal person to coach individuals on how to manage their time, finances and business more effectively. Although the main purpose of our meeting was to get to know each other better and to determine how we could be more effective and supportive in cross-referrals, I explored the other reason for wanting to meet with Jeff.

    He provided perspective and encouraged me to do a swot analysis on myself i.t.o. my strengths, weaknesses, goals and areas where I could add extra value.

    After following his advice, I met with my Manager and shared the outcome of my findings and together we brainstormed further to clarify our combined thoughts as to where I would be able to add more value in the business.

    Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective that has the relevant expertise to guide you in the right direction.

    Michelle Fisher
    Kempston Recruitment

    Good Day Darryn

    “On behalf of Hirsch’s Hillcrest, we would just like to thank you for being the guest speaker at our Business Networking Breakfast. Everyone who attended had great feedback to share with me. Your talk was most informative and you truly opened up the eyes of business owners. We look forward to you sharing your knowledge with all the other Hirsch Store’s. “Jason Morris, Hirsch PRO

    Jason Morris
    Hirsch PRO

    As a new business owner, I was honored that Bert took me under his wing and was willing to Coach me in making a success of my business. I knew my numbers, but advertising I knew nothing about. Bert gave one look at my advertising material and suggested we change the look immediately. Needless to say I have not looked back. I can highly recommend Bert as an Action Coach. Bert takes pride in his work, and your business is treated as his own. Bert is very good at looking from the outside into your business, making suggestions on a rational level. I am so emotionally involved that I sometimes need that wake-up call (From my Action Coach).

    Thanks to Bert for believing in my Dream and still helping me to run a successful business. As my Coach always says …. DREAM BIG!

    Business Owner, Therapist and Founder
    Fat Freeze Clinic
    Marthie Maree

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank Darryn Le Grange from ActionCOACH for assisting us in the growth of our business, and also for encouraging us to have confidence and belief within ourselves.

    He has taught us some vital lessons in the short time we have been coached by him, which has motivated us to grow our business and to know what we need to focus on to be successful.

    Darryn has been a huge ‘investment’ to us inexperienced business woman. We wanted someone we could bounce our ‘fantastic’ ideas off, to know that we were heading in the right direction with our thoughts and plans.

    In the past couple of months we have learnt the obvious, such as planning your day, which is a lot harder than it seems!, to understand the financial side of the business in basic accounting language. He has driven us to do things that are not within our comfort zones, such as cold calling….but this is increasing our sales!

    There are no excuses! It is great to have set lessons and tasks which assist in improving the business. It forces you to make the time to do the necessary.

    There is no excuse like ‘no time’. In addition, we have met a new group of business people which are enjoying the benefits of ActionCOACH, who all enthusiastic about helping each other. So just a big thank you for the short months we have been with ActionCOACH and we look forward to the months to come.

    Jolene Schefermann and Leanne KnottDirectors
    Chempac Distributions

    Since joining Pascal’s group coaching I’ve not only learnt about business I’ve learnt a lot about myself as well and I’ve improved a lot of things in my life since I’ve joined. He is an incredible coach with great energy and his sessions are always something I look forward to during the week.

    He’s helped me articulate my purpose, vision and business ideas I’ve had for the longest of time which has given me great confidence to work on them and become a successful individual. I feel like joining his business coaching program is the best thing any business person can do for their business and

    Wonga Mlonzi

    I have been an entrepreneur for 8 years. My current business is in distribution and I have owned it for 5 years. I was first introduced to ActionCOACH Diederik van Niekerk on referral from my accountant. I was reluctant at first as my business was in a good place. I didn’t think coaching was necessary. I accepted an offer for a free consultation and was impressed with what I was presented with and I signed up. I have now been a client of ActionCOACH Bloemfontein for almost 3 years and during this time I was taught practical techniques in managing my cash flow, increasing my revenue, adding value to my services, realistically measuring what works for my business and what not.

    By applying the coaching to my business the following happened: my revenue increased by 50% in less than the first 10 months, due to the reducing of my expenditure; my profit margin increased, my service delivery improved, my clientele expended as I was able to identify my target market realistically and effectively collect and analyze client data. I have since also been able to open another business. I now had someone holding me accountable to my actions and my goals.

    The results Of this was (and still is) I am able to offer better salaries and recruit Good quality staff. The office morale is at a high and I work less hours in my business and more on my business. My business is growing by the day.

    The professional relationship with my coach was one built on trust and driven by results. This helped me be comfortable in being able to identify my businesses deepest weaknesses and to discuss them with him openly. In the flip side as we identified my businesses strengths, my confidence in managing my own business has grown in leaps and bounds.

    My experience with ActionCOACH Diederik van Niekerk has been a very positive one and I will definitely recommend him to any business owner.

    Jaclyn Engelbrecht

    Starting your own business is daunting. Starting your own business on your own – worse than daunting. Where do you start? Who do you look to for direction and guidance?

    Yes, yes google, friends, family, ex colleagues but they all have their own jobs and approaches and whilst I got a lot of support and ideas from these sources I generally would sit in my home office doing the stuff I knew how to do and added to that, well, I don’t like asking for help. Then 6 months into my business owner career my mom(yes, my mom) suggested I get in touch with ActionCoach.

    After a couple of weeks of deliberation, I plucked up the courage to call them and spoke to Darryn who invited me to a free seminar and a complimentary coaching session – who could say no. I didn’t, and I have not looked back. Deborah Coskey took me on as a client in July 2017 and my business took off. She is a no nonsense (make sure you do your homework – #justsaying), compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable and dedicated coach, whom I highly respect and thoroughly enjoy as a person. She has pushed my comfort zones way beyond what I would have done on my own, held me accountable for actions and results and guided and pushed me to believe in the impossible.

    The result – a business that made a profit in the first year and the second year first quarter were record months. Is she done yet – hell no! I am I done yet – hell no! Would I want anyone else to take me through this – hell no!

    Deborah has been an incredible Coach and I highly recommend her!!”

    “I would like to add that it is not often that I find a speaker that is asked to present a topic but does so much more. I feel that the way in which you presented and
    engaged with my staff was at a very high level. Judging from the comments of those who attended I believe you hit a home run with a number of planners.

    We all know what we should be doing but tend to get bogged down in everyday life. Thanks once again”

    Regional Business Developer
    Jonathan Mandell

    I would like to express my excitement!! And to thank ActionCOACH for making me feel so positive about my business ( Hyper Packaging) again.

    I have hope now and think (know) that with the help from ActionCOACH I can turn my business around.

    Adel Hanekom