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Find out how effective your marketing efforts are with the business marketing test and see how your campaigns score against other companies you’re competing against. Then contact us in order to receive a complimentary business coaching session to discover how to turn your marketing expenses into guaranteed results! A marketing coach may just be what you need. We have also put together a business valuation tool to give you an idea of how your business is performing.

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1.) When it comes to generating new leads ...

2.) Your marketing plan for your company ...

3.) Your marketing budget 

4.) When you spend money on media, how would you describe your results?

5.) What's your current conversion rate?

6.) How do you test and measure your campaigns?

7.) How high is the "Lifetime Value" of your customer base ?

8.) What type of online advertising do you use ?

9.) Do you have any programs to help compel former and even inactive customers to come back and buy from you again ?

10.) How many joint venture or strategic alliance partner programs do you have in place to leverage your marketing efforts ?

11.) How often do you discount pricing to boost sales?

12.) What type of "frequent buyers program" or VIP customer service programs do you currently have in place ?


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