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Is your team on track?

Is your team on track, or are they off course? Take the quiz to find out!

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1.) How large is your company in terms of revenues?

2.) How large is your company in terms of team?

3.) How well do your company's results match your Mission Statement?

4.) How close are you to achieving your company's Vision Statement?

5.) How is your company's Culture Statement communicated to your team?

6.) How does your team work towards common goals in your company?

7.) What programs are in place to measure your teams' results?

8.) What type of training programs do you have in place?

9.) What types of tools do you use to recruit new team members?

10.) Describe the types of personality assessments you use to place new team...

11.) How much per year does your company spend on outside training programs or materials?

12.) What type of planning sessions does your company engage in?


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