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Video Testimonials 29/04/2016


As a new business owner, I was honored that Bert took me under his wing and was willing to Coach me in making a success of my business.

I knew my numbers, but advertising I knew nothing about. Bert gave one look at my advertising material and suggested we change the look immediately. Needless to say I have not looked back.

I can highly recommend Bert as an Action Coach. Bert takes pride in his work, and your business is treated as his own. Bert is very good at looking from the outside into your business, making suggestions on a rational level. I am so emotionally involved that I sometimes need that wake-up call (From my Action Coach).

Thanks to Bert for believing in my Dream and still helping me to run a successful business. As my Coach always says …. DREAM BIG!

Marthie Maree

Business Owner, Therapist and Founder: Fat Freeze Clinic

Marthie Maree 04/08/2016

I would like to express my excitement!! And  to thank ActionCOACH for making me feel so positive about my business ( Hyper Packaging) again.

I have hope now and think (know) that with the help from ActionCOACH I can turn my business around.

Adel Hanekom 17/06/2015

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Darryn Le Grange from ActionCOACH for assisting us in the growth of our business, and also for encouraging us to have confidence and belief within ourselves.

He has taught us some vital lessons in the short time we have been coached by him, which has motivated us to grow our business and to know what we need to focus on to be successful.

Darryn has been a huge 'investment' to us inexperienced business woman. We wanted someone we could bounce our 'fantastic' ideas off, to know that we were heading in the right direction with our thoughts and plans.

In the past couple of months we have learnt the obvious, such as planning your day, which is a lot harder than it seems!, to understand the financial side of the business in basic accounting language. He has driven us to do things that are not within our comfort zones, such as cold calling....but this is increasing our sales!

There are no excuses! It is great to have set lessons and tasks which assist in improving the business. It forces you to make the time to do the necessary.

There is no excuse like 'no time'.

In addition, we have met a new group of business people which are enjoying the benefits of ActionCOACH, who all enthusiastic about helping each other.

So just a big thank you for the short months we have been with ActionCOACH and we look forward to the months to come.

Jolene Schefermann and Leanne Knott Directors of Chempac Distributions Kwazulu-Natal 17/06/2015


Seminars & Events

Good Day Darryn

"On behalf of Hirsch’s Hillcrest, we would just like to thank you for being the guest speaker at our Business Networking Breakfast.  Everyone who attended had great feedback to share with me. Your talk was most informative and you truly opened up the eyes of business owners.  We look forward to you sharing your knowledge with all the other Hirsch Store’s. "Jason Morris, Hirsch PRO 

Jason Morris Hirsch PRO Hillcrest 17/06/2015


Coach Bert Weenink has help us dream big and achieve the big goals that we set. We have a new Deport for Richter Sand because of our coaching sessions with him. Our systems are in place, we have staff weekly meeting which really helps break the communication barrier. Our parents can be proud of us for taking over their business with such success

Joelize Greeff and NJ Richter Directors Gauteng 17/06/2015

Ayoba is a fairly young company established at the beginning of 2010 and has grown exponentially to date.

We found that we had outgrown our systems as well as the ability to properly manage such. It was then that we approached Neil Porter. Through ActionCOACH he has strategically placed this company on the right track.

We re-structured the company and changed the focus of Management from working in the company to working on the company. We have a better focus on where we are going and the state of our cash flow. We have also implemented measurement and control systems which indicate our market share and effectiveness.

It has been our experience that Neil Porter put our company on the right track to maintain, manage and grow our markets and continue to succeed in our unique business environment.

Zelda Taylor Director Gauteng 17/06/2015

Team Building

Increasing Profit

I have been an entrepreneur for 6 years. My current business is in distribution and I have owned it for 3 years. I was first introduced to ActionCOACH Diederik van Niekerk on referral from my bookkeeper. I was reluctant at first as my business was in a good place. I didn't think coaching was necessary. I accepted an offer for a free consultation and was impressed with what I was presented with. I signed up.

I started coaching only 10 months ago.

In those ten months I was taught practical techniques in managing my cash flow, increasing my revenue, adding value to my services, realistically measuring what works for my business and what not. By applying the coaching to my business the following happened: my revenue increased by 50%, due to the reducing of my expenditure; my profit margin increased, my service delivery improved, my clientele expended as I was able to identify my target market realistically and effectively collect and analyze client data. I now had someone holding me accountable to my actions and my goals.

The results Of this was (and still is) I am able to offer better salaries and recruit Good quality staff.  The office morale is at a high and I work less hours in my business and more on my business. My business is growing by the day.

The professional relationship with my coach was one built on trust and driven by results. This helped me be comfortable in being able to identify my businesses deepest weaknesses and to discuss them with him openly. In the flip side as we identified my businesses strengths, my confidence in managing my own business grew.

My experience with coach Diederik van Niekerk has been an all round positive one. I will definitely recommend and ActionCOACH.

Jaclyn Engelbrecht 29/04/2016

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