More from Hanno & Jurgens on their coaching and business journey:

“ActionCOACH is very valuable for any business. Get a coach!”

– Jurgens Uys & Hanno Lategan –

Versus Socks’ Business Journey Timeline:

Where it began:

Versus Socks was founded in 2015 by Hanno Lategan and Jurgens Uys. Both enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have a great passion for sports.
While both were still studying, and always on the lookout for exciting business opportunities, they were frustrated by the boring, limited and low quality socks that were available at the time. They realised there is a gap in the sports market for comfortable, durable and good looking socks and they jumped at the opportunity.

From there they started drafting on their future plans. Designs were created, reliable local manufacturers were pinpointed and Versus Socks came to life.

“We strive to always move forward in ensuring we inspire as many people to enjoy exercise through excitement and creativity. Providing you with socks that will make you perform in comfort and style.”

Getting an ActionCOACH:

Jurgens and Hanno started coaching with ActionCOACH Lindie Malan in March 2021. They were at a point in their business where growth was happening fast and had been contemplating various scenarios but felt isolated and like they didn’t have anyone they could share some ideas and formulate a strategic plan with specific goals going forward.

For the first time since being in business, 6+ years (at the time), the two of them talked about a shared vision for Versus, sharing personal values with one another, did a SWOT analysis and decided on a couple of short term goals e.g. define the purpose statement for versus:
   To become the most loved performance brand in the world

They appointed an operational manager with great skills. This meant that both owners could delegate key tasks to this person which resulted in them both having more available time and energy to focus on building Versus. They have learnt many new important skills like how to hold staff accountable. They now know the importance of building a winning team with A-Class players.

Business Milestones:

  • Tremendous growth! Feb 2021 to Feb 2022 a 27% growth in revenue. Projected growth target Feb 2022 to Feb 2023 – 100% growth!
  • They added additional revenue streams e.g. customised stocks, a pop-up store in Tygervalley Shopping Centre, grew the retail income supplying Sportsmans Warehouse, Total Sport and Cape Union Mart.
  • Have also grown their global offering in the UK and the Middle East.
  • Have grown their team.
  • Have made some significant changes in their manufacturing processes – more efficient and cost effective.
  • Have been featured on many TV shows.
  • Partnered with huge brand like Asics and Garmin in promotional events.

Personal Moments:


His stress levels have been able to come down since joining coaching and his business is no longer taking too much of his time. Him and his wife went on a two-week holiday to Mauritius earlier this year.



He feels like he has been able to relax more and now understands the importance of having more time to spend with his wife and being able to exercise and do things ‘for himself’.


Both have been able to buy property and are building their personal wealth portfolio.

Where to next:

  • The individual growth of their whole team has become important to them. ​Their whole team is now coaching with Lindie.
  • They are exhibiting at the build up to the London Marathon – their first overseas exhibition at such a big event. It is also their partners first time travelling overseas.
  • They plan to open more pop-up stores in various locations nationally.
  • They are expanding their current global footprint including the Australian and USA markets.

“ActionCOACH is very valuable for any business. Get a coach!”

– Jurgens Uys & Hanno Lategan –

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